Pathway to specialisation

Applicants may qualify for the award of Fellowship of HKCOP (FHKCOP) and be granted the status of specialist in their chosen area of expertise, when they satisfy the following clinical and academic criteria:

  • A minimum of 5 years of clinical experience in the relevant area of specialisation;
  • A postgraduate master’s degree awarded by a university recognised by HKCOP;
  • No less than 500 hours of clinical teaching experience (which may include training of junior physiotherapists, delivery of training courses to physiotherapy colleagues and not less than 10% of total hours in student supervision, or equivalent);
  • Demonstrate competence in effective and professional communication in the area of specialisation in both oral and written format by way of the following:
    • Oral presentation of a paper at a conference on at least one occasion; and
    • Publication of at least one manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal as the first or corresponding author. For those candidates with a master’s degree and a completed dissertation but without manuscript publication, an assignment to demonstrate their writing skills will be required for acceptance by the Examination Panel.
  • Passed a viva voce Examination on clinical cases by a panel of examiners nominated by the HKCOP.


A Board of Censors in a defined area of physiotherapy practice will be appointed upon the receipt of an application. If the Board of Censors is satisfied that the applicant meets requirements 3.1 to 3.4 above, the applicant will be invited to sit an examination. If the Board of Censors determines that the applicant does not presently satisfy the above requirements, a Development Programme appropriate and relevant to the required clinical and academic activities may be recommended to the applicant. Upon successful completion of the Development Programme, the applicant may apply for Examination. Successful examination will result in nomination to the HKCOP Council for confirmation of the award of Fellowship




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