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The Hong Kong College of Physiotherapy (HKCOP) was established in July 2007.

The Mission of the HKCOP is to serve the Hong Kong community by fostering safe and quality patient care in physiotherapy.

Objectives of the Mission Statement:

1 To promote professional standards and patient safety by:

  • facilitating professional training programmes in physiotherapy;
  • conferring professional qualifications to individuals who have attained the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to assume the responsibilities of physiotherapy specialists;
  • upholding and advancing professional standards of physiotherapists;
  • reinforcing quality assurance programmes in physiotherapy to improve patient care;
  • establishing effective communications with Fellows and trainees of the HKCOP.

 2 To promote education in physiotherapy by:

  • promoting continuing education to Fellows and practitioners in physiotherapy;
  • advising governments, organisations and public bodies on matters relating to physiotherapy;
  • educating the public on the principles and practice of physiotherapy.

3 To advance the science and practice of physiotherapy by:

  • promoting basic and clinical research in physiotherapy;
  • disseminating new knowledge in physiotherapy;
  • supporting new developments in physiotherapy;
  • interacting with other professional bodies and the international community, to share knowledge, skills and development in physiotherapy.

Flowing from the Objectives of the Mission Statement, the HKCOP will facilitate a specialisation process for physiotherapists in Hong Kong. This document describes a Fellowship Programme, offered by the HKCOP, which provides a pathway to specialisation.


A Fellow of the HKCOP is a specialist physiotherapist who meets the following criteria:

1     Demonstrates advanced clinical competence in a defined area of practice within the scope of physiotherapy;

2     Engages in evidence-based practice;

3     Participates in evidence-based practice;

4     Transfer their knowledge and skills to students, peers and other healthcare professionals.





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